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Type in the following command to update. Can you run a sanity check on ViewVC? (This runs a small web server on the system) /usr/local/viewvc-1.1.23/bin/ -r /usr/local/rancid/CVS On your system it might be: /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/viewvc/bin/ -r /usr/local/rancid/CVS Does If the system is missing both of these, you'll need to remedy that. What else can be the problem ? Source

relayhost = relayhost = #relayhost = [mailserver.isp.tld] #relayhost = uucphost #relayhost = [an.ip.add.ress] Start up posfix and enable it on boot systemctl start postfix systemctl enable postfix Finished! nano /usr/local/viewvc-1.1.24/viewvc.conf Find the following and edit as shown below: ... ## Example: ## cvs_roots = cvsroot: /opt/cvs/repos1, ## anotherroot: /usr/local/cvs/repos2 ## #cvs_roots = cvs: ## svn_roots: Specifies each of the If ViewVC simply cannot find the installed tools, ensure that they are available in the system $PATH, or specify their location in the viewvc.conf file using the utilities/rcs_dir or utilities/cvsnt options. Then, ensure the the MIME types mapping file you've told ViewVC to consult actually contains mappings for the various standard OpenXML file extensions: application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet xlsx application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.template xltx application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.presentationml.presentation pptx application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.presentationml.slideshow ppsx

You can specify multiple root parents separated by commas or new lines, each of which is of the form "path: type" (where the type is either "cvs" or "svn", and the Leave unset to use a local Unix socket connection. ## #host = loc [rancid] Re: Viewvc problem, Might just be me playing dumb Manuel Noriega mnoriega at Mon Jul 9 In this example it was: [[email protected] ~]# python -V
Python 2.7.5 Check to make sure you have RCS installed: [[email protected] ~]# yum install rcs
Loaded plugins: fastestmirror
Loading Rancid actually creating the config files.

I installed the package: sudo apt install viewvc configured /etc/viewvc/viewvc.conf: [general] root_parents = /data/svnrepo : svn [options] root_as_url_component = 1 allowed_views = annotate, diff, markup, roots, co template_dir = /etc/viewvc/templates set It doesn't matter if you configure the parameters of multiple authorizer plugins -- only the authorizer whose name is configured here (or effectively configured here via per-vhost or per-root configuration) will These should be separated by a comma. Kenan Gülle (@KenanGulle) May 23, 2015 / 4:14 am [[email protected] root]$ bin/clogin bash: bin/clogin: Permission denied view error help me😦 mlf May 26, 2015 / 8:01 am It just worked

The key to making this happen lies in having the server tell the user agent (or "web browser") precisely what kinds of files these are. Make sure your helper applications are in the program search path ($PATH, e.g.) on your ViewVC server, or accurately specified in viewvc.conf. The values of options whose names lack the "_dir" suffix should point to the actual program itself (such as "C:\Program Files\cvsnt\cvs.exe"). By default, ViewVC will look for templates in the directory specified by the "template_dir" configuration option (see the documentation for that option for details).

You have no hangs like mentioned in ? I was able to set it up finally. Please click on your browser's Back button, review your input, and try again. erheqrheqhq March 6, 2015 / 6:04 am Question, does it work for you without the Expect patch?

I'm moving rancid from a Mandrake server to a Fedora Core 7 server. This is an alternative to using the "root=" query key. Each root should be given by a "name: path" value (where the path is an absolute filesystem path). Well.

[email protected] viewvc-1.1.23]# /usr/local/viewvc-1.1.23/bin/cvsdbadmin rebuild /usr/local/rancid/var/CVS/CVSROOT/ Using repository root `/usr/local/rancid/var/CVS' Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/local/viewvc-1.1.23/bin/cvsdbadmin", line 175, in db = cvsdb.ConnectDatabase(cfg) File "/usr/local/viewvc-1.1.23/lib/", line 904, in ConnectDatabase db.Connect() File "/usr/local/viewvc-1.1.23/lib/", However after another reboot the error persists. but the mail it sends, it sends to: [email protected] & [email protected] rather than sending it to he email ID which was defined in /etc/aliases. Set to 0 to disable pagination. ## #dir_pagesize = 0 log_pagesize: Maximum number of revision log entries on a given page.

What does "M.C." in "M.C. How does ViewVC determine a versioned file's MIME content type? First, you'll want to make sure that ViewVC is configured to consult a MIME types mapping file. What are the alternatives to compound interest for a Muslim?

Global Sites Chinese Korean Japanese UbuntuCommunityAsk!DeveloperDesignDiscourseHardwareInsightsJujuShopMore ›AppsHelpForumLaunchpadMAASCanonical current community chat Ask Ubuntu Ask Ubuntu Meta your communities Sign up or log in to customize your list. Cheers, Alex Ryan December 16, 2015 / 7:29 pm Hey Alex, What is your permissions on that directory "/usr/local/rancid/var/CVS"? Michael Pilato 2014-09-28 20:39:41 UTC about - legalese Loading...

Any ideas would be awesome..

Each parent path is processed sequentially, so the names of repositories under later parent paths may override earlier ones. ## Example: root_parents = /opt/svn: svn, /opt/cvs: cvs ## #root_parents = /usr/local/rancid/var/CVS Last Comment Bug552106 - 500 Internal Server Error trying to view flat/top viewvc log of /projects Summary: 500 Internal Server Error trying to view flat/top viewvc log of /projects Status: RESOLVED By default each of the configuration items is commented out, with the default value of the option shown. Usually you have to add the Rancid to the allowed senders list on your email infrastructure.

If you must specify a colon character in either the regular expression or the format string, escape it with a preceding backslash (":"). ## Example: custom_log_formatting = artf[0-9]+ :\0, issue For example: ## kv_files = [asf]kv/images.conf ## Assuming the same section as above, the template would refer to an image using [kv.asf.my_images.logos.small] ## Lastly, it is possible to use %lang% in I'll put the brakes here and in the next post we will go over how to customize rancid to log into devices and grab configurations. groupadd netadm Next we will create a user called rancid and put this user under the group we just created which is netadm.

English fellow vs Arabic fellah What does "M.C." in "M.C. In your log it says queued mail for delivery so the message was sent. This allows ViewVC to present discrete pages to the users instead of the entire directory. Thus, if you add "image/*" to this list, ‘markup'-view display of JPEG, GIF, and PNG images will be disabled. ## Example: binary_mime_types = application/octet-stream, image/*, application/pdf, application/vnd*, application/msword, audio/* # #binary_mime_types

Can I "build" a TDS project without having it attempt to deploy? I guess creating a new database should do it but want to get expert opinion. Thanks! The stack trace which ends with error: (2, 'CreateProcess', 'The system cannot find the file specified.') indicates that some program that ViewVC was trying to execute doesn't exist.

Switch to the Rancid user account su -rancid Run the following, this creates a CVS Repository with the groups you just entered in the List of Groups. /usr/local/rancid/bin/rancid-cvs No conflicts created