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Videoredo Ts Muxer Error

Change: Output processing: Release display frame buffers during save to reduce memory. ( Disable using shift+Tools>Options 0000073 to 0 ). Fix: Batch: VideoReDo could crash at end of batch, causing batch to stall or hang due to desktop alert window. Will close batch automatically if not cancelled. [Enhancement] Upgrade wizard: Detects if V4 key is on or after 2014-06-01 and creates a no charge Version 5 key. Fix: MPEG2: In rare circumstances a corrupt audio frame could overwrite the stream parameters causing save problems.

I personally convert all my work to .ts files with TSMuxer because this program DOES create the PID's and afterwards I experience no issues at all with VideoreoSuite4. Version Beta Release Date: Nov 9, 2014 [Enhancement] GUI: Added two new keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl+Shift+P to "File > Project Save As..." and Ctrl+Shift+Q for "Tools>Audio Adjustment"[Change] GUI: Changing audio volume If you spot a problem that hasn't been addressed in this list, please let us know by sending a message to our support team. Fix: Opening a CRID file could sometimes cause an infinite loop.

MPEG1 Layer 2 when there is no program map. Recoding to .ts first, or doing smart edit is OK.[Fix] MPEG2: In rare cases AC3 streams would not be found even when present.[Fix] Output profile: Crash when changing some H.264 encoding Enhance: Ability to support 4:2:2 video. Fix: H.264/MP4 smart edit: Corrupted output if doing H264/MP4 output and source file had "weighted P-frame prediction" enabled in PPS Fix: H.264: Corrupt video with an NAL of type 31 (not

Fix: H.264 encoder: When doing full recode a timing problem could cause last video frame and a few audio frames to be dropped. Fix: GUI: Dialog which asks for permission to check for program updates had non-translatable string. Also improves sync with DVDs created by Nero Vision Express. Enhance: MP4/MKV: Support for reading and creation of chapters Behavior same as DVD, see T>O>Chapters. #63 FFmpeg must be true.

Enhance: Ability to set the degree of re-synchronization sensitivity on the Tools>Options>Stream Page. you won't regret it. Change: Mute button, red overlay hard to see. Change: DVD Authoring: Displayed of estimated DVD size might not be correct. (Cosmetic only).

Fix: Remember window position if application is at window location 0,0. Optional auto verification of burned discs. TVSuite V5 - (Released 2015-07-16) ============================================ [Enhancement] Vlist combine: If file list contains a file with a .rec or .trp extension it will be the first file in the .VLst H264 Editing - (2013-02-23) ============================================ [Enhancement] Output profiles: New cropping presets for converting Top/Bottom or Left/Right 3D to 2D. [Fix] MPEG2 MP4/MKV: Incorrect navigation for MPEG2 streams in MP4 or

Change: MPEG2 QSF: If source is NTSC/ATSC, rebuild all temporal references if T>O>Stream make all I-frames GOP is set. Will now work much better when source has no "B" frames (baseline profile). NEW: Thumbnails can display different audio graph colors for 2.0 vs 5.1 channel audio. All files that are authored come out with a jump at the beginning, with the files themselves seemingly losing 3 frames.Now, the odd thing is that the files are still ok.

Fix: MPEG2: Elementary stream muxer not working for MPEG2 elementary streams. Fix: H.264: Certain types of frame corruption could trigger abort on output when saving to MP4/MKV. H264 Editing - (2013-04-04) ============================================ [Change] H.264: Detect incorrect Avermedia 1080i MP4 files which are labelled as 59.94 but are actually 29.97 fps. [Change] H.264: (INTERNAL) When opening file, both Enhance: MPEG2 output: If "diagnostics" enabled on the Tools>Options>Stream page, video buffer dumps will have file offsets.

Fix: Resizing: Resizing from 1080i to 480i was not optimally resizing the chroma. Change: DVD Burner: Add option to launch DVD Burner as admin. Enhance: Output profiles: Will now clear previously set compression / gain settings when changing the encoder back to 'Auto'. Topfield PVRs drop PCR PIDs. [Fix] ES Muxing: Crash / yellow triangle (TOD) when muxing H.264 and audio duration is longer than video.

Fix: DVR-MS: NTSC closed captions caused injection of bad user data into the video stream resulting in pixelation. Fix: DTS was off at the start of a new cut or join if the previous cut ended on an I or P frame. TVSuite V5 - (Released 2015-12-08) ============================================ [Enhancement] Batch: Add a Tools>Options>Batch option to terminate batch when the queue is empty for xx minutes. [Enhancement] Batch: New option when adding a

Please don't sue us.

Aesthetic change only. If 0, use default of 3.75 Mbps. Fix: Help file, some pages displayed incorrectly when default font size in Internet Explorer set to Large fonts. Fix: H264 Stream: Possible memory overwrite if the buffer is resized multiple times without removing any frames.

Enhance: MKV output: Automatically recode AAC-HE audio to ADTS AAC-LC audio if output file type is MKV. Enhance: Multi-audio support: Multi-audio support is now the default for all NEW installations. Fix: The count of video frames removed for sync adjustment were not being displayed in the output complete dialog. Fix: GUI: VMR and EVR drivers would incorrectly show "silent mode" in the log file.

Fix: Resync logic would not remove video frames if there were no B-Frame in the buffer. MP4/MPEG2 output not yet supported. Profile must select SAS (same as source) or type in dimension. [Enhancement] MKV: Enabled support for DVB subtitles in MKV [Enhancement] Output: Re-sizer, improved performance of the re-sizer enabled via Tools>Shift+Options> Page 1 of 3 123 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of 23 Thread: TS Muxer error Thread Tools Show Printable Version Email this Page… Subscribe to this Thread…