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Videoredo Output Stream Error Error Opening File

BOOL FileOpenBatch( const char *filename ) FileOpenBatch( filename as string) as Integer Parameters: filename Character string containing a VideoReDo project file or MPEG program file. Enhance: Ability to support 4:2:2 video. Return Values: Function returns non-zero (TRUE) if successful, otherwise zero (FALSE) Description: This command will open a VideoReDo project file or an MPEG video file. Change: Audio resync: Use the resync sensititivy in the Tools>Options>Advanced stream to set the muxer resync threshold. have a peek at this web-site

Change: DVD Authoring: Block 30 and 60 fps video from being added to a DVD. Go to Home IsoBuster details Download Buy IsoBuster Help Support / Contact Reviews Testimonials Screenshots News Tips & Tricks Forensics License models Site map IsoBuster The Ultimate Data Recovery Software! Could trigger crash or un-expected behavior. Fix: Selecting "Combine" when merging overlapping cuts results in wrong estimated sizing. learn this here now

Fix: H.264 smart edit: If end of file encountered while looking for IDR frame at a cut start, the cut would be improperly handled. Start Quick Fix: Click this button to start the processing. Fix: Encoding: Doing two pass encoding, audio or video on an mppeg2 Tivo, MP4, FLV, or ES would stall at the start of pass 2.

Fix: WTV: An error in the WTV read logic could cause rare corrupt packets near the skip chunks. Change: Video drivers: VMR driver will now default to Windowsless mode, previous versions used Windows mode, can be changed via Tools>Shift+Options Change: Win8: A few users experiencing lockup during install due Enhance: H.264 stream: Removing trailing zero's from improperly encoded SPS and PPS. Close Closes the currently open file.

I've seen this cause problems in other applications. TVSuite V5 - (Released 2014-12-15) [Enhancement] Audio Output profile: Added option to set byte order (endianess) for PCM audio. Change: Warn the user if outputting to a transport stream and the audio is WAV/LPCM. Enhance: Multi-audio support: Multi-audio support is now the default for all NEW installations.

Fix: H.264 AAC audio: AAC 44.1 frame durations were not being calculated properly causing excessive resync. Fix: Changing 44.1 KHz MPEG audio to LPCM results dropped video frames and sync issues. Fix: COM: When running in silent mode and doing a close during output will leave the output processing in the background. Enhance: DVD open title: If previous folder used for DVD open title no longer exists, default to that folder's parent.

Return Values: If sceneIndex is zero, returns the number of scene markers. Enhance: Set sequence header bit rate to actual video bit rate. Audio stream now selected directly from Tools menu, doesn't re-open file. [Enhancement] Batch: Add a Tools>Options>Batch option to terminate batch when the queue is empty for xx minutes. [Enhancement] Batch: New Fix: Preview mode, could sometimes get stuck when jumping to next cut / scene marker.

Change GUI: Joiner dialog, the keyboard accelerator Alt+C will now trigger a "Create" rather than "Cancel". Change: Transport stream output, PCR interval now defaults to 90 msec for NTSC and 40 msec for PAL. Change: Chapter list: Added new chapter timecode format HH:MM:SS.hh. Version 4.21.1-655, Release date: March 2, 2013 Enhance: AAC: When converting LATM//LOAS to ADTS headers, dynamically update the channel configuration during output.

Enhance H.264: H.264 re-coding can be sped up options: "Presets" and "Slices per frame" on Profile>Advanced Encoding Options Change GUI: Changed behavior for stolen/invalid keys from cryptic "can't open file" to Change: Project: save Enable File>Save Project menu option if a bookmark is added. Enhance: COM: New property: OpenedFilename, to return the currently opened filename. He could move anywhere inside the stream and play 10 seconds from that point on but not more.

Fix: Pressing Ctrl+C (capture frame) would leave navigation commands thinking the control key was pressed until any other key was pressed. Thanks for your time. Fix: H.264 encoding: Encoder crash since some encoding parameters were not being properly adjusted after loading user's settings.

Fix: Closing a TIVO input file wouold not release the file handle until VideoReDo was terminated.

Enhance: Chapter marks: Chapters being saved to chapters.txt in format: hh:mm:ss.hh, can not be read back in. View Complete Change log. Fix: DVD Authoring: Converting AC3 audio to MPEG1 Layer 2, audio gets out of sync and output stalls. Change: TS Muxer: Auto mux rate when not recoding.

From the point of the batch I would take my files to Vegas and Author theme. Using the following logic: If opening a project file (VPRJ/BPRJ) and it contains output audio codec settings these will become the audio codec settings. Fix: When reducing GOPs, extremely corrupt source video could cause memory overflow error in MPEG decoder. Change: For TS files broadcast with ATSC (USA digital broadcasts), the audio will default to the AC3 stream if one is present.

Change: MPEG2 QSF: If source is NTSC/ATSC, rebuild all temporal references if T>O>Stream make all I-frames GOP is set. Fix: Navigation sometimes off by one frame with 720p material. Company About VideoReDo Contact Us Partner Program Press Products VideoReDo TVSuite VideoReDo Plus Compare Products Upgrade to TVSuite Download Products Support Product Documentation Frequently Asked Questions Support Forum Definitions Site Map|Privacy Enhance: Registration: Updated to Version 8 of license manager.

Fix: TS input, better checking for valid PIDS by checking that the PTS of each stream are close in time. Needed for smart cutting of H.264 DVB video. For MPEG program stream files including VOBS, the PIDs refer to the stream number: 0xE0-0xE7: mpeg2 video stream 0x80 - 0x87: AC3 audio stream 0xC0 - 0xC7: MPEG audio stream 0xA0 Return Values: Function returns non-zero (TRUE) if successful, otherwise zero (FALSE) Description: This command will save your current project to the specified file.