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Videoredo Mpeg Stream Error

Enhance: Audio Alerts: Tools>Options>Audio alerts renamed to Tools>Options>Completion Alerts Enhance: Audio elementary output: Only append _1, _2, etc to the audio file name if there is more than one audio stream HOw do i fix? Fix: MPEG Stream: MP3 being detected as MP2 due to false positive detection of MP2 in an MP3 block. Remove PCM stream, still says recode.[Fix] ES Muxing: Improve ES muxing when output is TS and mux rate is automatic.[Fix] Elementary stream output: Audio file names could have wrong extension when have a peek at this web-site

Change: Topfield TS files: Special EchoStar file check interfered with feature to auto build a program map from raw data. Should not be noticeable to the user.[Fix] Audio recoding: Intermittent error saving and recoding with multiple audio streams due to thread conflict initializing multiple decoders.[Fix] DVD authoring: Volume name was incorrect Fix: Titling and DVD menu screen show scroll bars even when not needed. Enhance: MPEG2 stream: Auto-mux rate, when multi-audio enabled, is now set to max of calculated bit rate or video header bit rate.

We originally did not allow discussion of programs such as DirectShow Dump which were used strictly to decrypt TiVo files. All CBR forced to VBR with intelligent output. Fix: H.264: Joiner forces unnecessary recode with H.264 Fix: H.264: Recoding an MPEG2 with 2:3 telecine to H.264 progressive would create combed frames.

If you would like to refer to this comment somewhere else in this project, copy and paste the following link: SourceForge About Site Status @sfnet_ops Powered by Apache Alluraâ„¢ Find and And that's where the program fails. Enable via Tools>Options>Navigation. I am confused why you have a Tivo that does this exact same thing yet you are looking for an alternative?

NEW: Added new COM method, AdjustAudioSync() to adjust the sync of the currently open video. Change: COM: Calling SetFilterDimensions( -1, -1) will trigger automatic filtering with the most common dimension in the file. Enhance: Log file message: Change messages: "... If so then it could be a decoder problem.

Old style dialogs enabled via: shift+T>O # 46 (false).[Fix] H.264: 608 and 708 caption display could be incorrect if SEI captions were stored by field rather than by frame.[Fix] Joiner: When The Quick Stream Fix tool asks for an Input Stream, in this case meaning a muxed file and not an elementary stream. How can it be wrong if tivo sells tivo2go plus which converts files to m4p??? Change: GUI: Added new shift+Tools>Options, #26 Enable right-click menu options, to permit disabling of right-click context menu.

Enhance: GUI: Added captioning field to Tools>Show Program info. Fix: COM: When running in silent mode and doing a close during output will leave the output processing in the background. Deutsch English VideoReDo TVSuite VideoReDo Plus Compare Products Contact Us Create an account | Login: | Lost password AfterDawn | News | Guides | Software downloads | Tech Support | In addition, all the processing parameters as specified on the Advanced Stream Dialog will be honored as well.

All Rights Reserved. Change: TS Muxer: Auto mux rate when not recoding. Fix: Joiner: Multi-audio MPEG2 in rare circumstance get temporarily out of sync resulting in dropping of valid video frames. Change: Translations: Added to translation .apt files the resources for DVD muxing strings and Task dialog, OK, Cancel, etc.

Change: DVR-MS: Saving .wtv files to DVR-MS files will now copy metadata from source to the output file. NEW: Ability to save and restore joiner lists. Enhance: DVD open title: If previous folder used for DVD open title no longer exists, default to that folder's parent. Source Fix: Joiner: Timing issue could cause joiner to intermittently hang when subtitles are present.

Fix: GOP reduction, remove error message if encoding bit rate exceeds sequence header bit rate. Enhance: Disable output video for fast editing over slow remote desktop (RDP) links. If you would like to refer to this comment somewhere else in this project, copy and paste the following link: Kevin Moye - 2015-02-28 To decrypt using VideoRedo you need at

Take a look at HandBrake instead.

I can't make any DVDs. Fix: Internal change: Profile managment code updated to improve speed of file save dialog. No, create an account now. Is there a way to stream my .tivo files to my tv directly from my computer/hard drive?

Latest tool updates AviDemux 2.6.14 / 2.6.14 Nightly 161031 K-Lite Codec Pack Standard 12.5.0 / Full 12.5.0 / 12.5.0 Update Emby Server 3.0.8400 / 3.1.202 Beta MediaInfo 0.7.90 XMedia Recode Lost password/username? If that's the case then you'll need to switch back to the release build 629 until the next beta is released to fix the problem. have a peek here Fix: LPCM source to LPCM output to MPEG2-PS or DVD: If not recoding, application will experience buffer overflow.