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Videoredo Mpeg Stream Error Open Error For Dvr-ms Output

lrhorer, Jan 31, 2013 lrhorer, Jan 31, 2013 #18 Jan 31, 2013 #19 of 40 lrhorer New Member 6,922 0 Aug 31, 2003 San... Enhance: Ability to change default AC3 output stream number. Fix: Sampling rate changes for MPEG audio streams would not be detected causing valid audio frames to be incorrectly discarded. It may not contain the latest versions.

Change: Logfile is now saved in the C:Documents and SettingsApplication DataVideoReDoPlus. There IS no support for DTS of any format as *Dan* at VideoRedo has stated in the past he has considered DTS support, but, has not done so seeing as that Change: Ad-Detective: "Lowest" priority will set to level 1, Idle. Change: TS Streams: Use est bit rate and source file mux rate to verify or automatically set the output mux rate.

Change: Audio processing: Added code to ignore non-standard stream from Phillips DVDR7250H/05 HDD recorder. Change: Output profiles: WTV output profiles are only displayed if the Microsoft WTV writer (SBE2) is present. NEW: Ability to save and restore joiner lists.

v1.0.1 = Latest version available. TVSuite V5 - (Released 2015-12-08) ============================================ [Enhancement] Batch: Add a Tools>Options>Batch option to terminate batch when the queue is empty for xx minutes. [Enhancement] Batch: New option when adding a Fix: If auto cutting is enabled in AdDetective and the first cut starts at 00:00:00.00, an invalid cut time may be added to the cut list. Fix WTV: Reading WTV files could crash when a bad audio language packet encountered.

Profile dialog changed from "Deinterlace mode" changed to "Interlacing" [Enhancement] Profile: To better quality when converting 720p to 1080i by interlacing successive frames rather than dropping every other frame [Enhancement] Video Trial version available for download and testing with usually a time limit or limited functions. Change: The "Unsaved Edits" message ox will now default to "No" so that pressing return not not exit the application. Fix: WTV: Setting program date and time to edited date/time was not accounting for time zone differences.

We have at least one customer on our forums with the top of the line 6 core Intel processor and he has reported getting about 1/2 real time. I just let each process run overnight on my PC. NEW WTV: Added internal WTV metadata reader so that WTV files can be opened in XP, Vista or W8 (without MCE). Fix: Unable to capture first frame of the file as soon as the file was opened.

Still unable to join files that are less than 1 second. [Fix] MKV: Some MKV source files could have incorrect sync when saved. [Fix] MP4/MKV output: Automatically disable SPS/PPS in each Complete list of changes and fixes. Will now remove both B and P frames. Fix: Transport stream: Improve detection of AAC ADTS vs.

Dan Dan203, Jan 10, 2013 Dan203, Jan 10, 2013 #9 Jan 19, 2013 #10 of 40 fastoy New Member 32 0 May 4, 2011 Here's my blog post on how Check This Out Change: Batch: Check the output complete XML and if zero frames output mark as error / warning rather than good. Fix: Navigation: Pressing 'back frame' (left arrow) at start of file, would advance one frame.Fix: NTSC Closed captions: Fixed issue with caption display not clearing all of the previous captions. Fix: MPEG1 Audio: Mono audio wasn't being converted to stereo and caused double speed playback.

Source material up to 26 hours may now be edited. Change: If source file is from a Tivo, Trim and Copy will automatically copy the Tivo header to the output file. Enhance: Video Drivers: New EVR driver (T>O>Playback) for Vista and W7 systems. NEW: DVD menus, added additional options for DVD title button highlights, underline, text color, left arrow.

VideoReDo attempts to detect and issue a warning. Enhance: Ability to call a user defined application using Shift+File>Queue To Batch. Allows you to setup favorite folders in the file open dialog.

Enhance: MPEG2 streams: Much improved support when video dimension changes.

Fix: Back by single frame in preview mode would intermittently cause a jump to the beginning fo the file. KMTTG will not make DVDs. Fix: MPEG2 stream: Multiple second I-frame seeking not working with some files. Fix: Unpack error: On some systems license manager could cause unpack error when program is launched.

Change: TS Muxer: If the source stream was a TS without PMTs, the output file would not have a PMT if "use existing PIDS" selected. Fix: DVR-MS, better detection of AC3 streams. Enhance: New COM properties/methods: AudioAlert, OutputPercentComplete, EnterRegistrationKey, VersionNumber, AbortOutput. have a peek here Fix: COM: When running in silent mode and doing a close during output will leave the output processing in the background.

Version 2-1-0-401, Release date: July 31, 2005 Fix: Ad Detective capability will disappear on August 1 due to inadvertent debugging statement left in the program. dlfl, Jan 9, 2013 dlfl, Jan 9, 2013 #4 Jan 10, 2013 #5 of 40 SNJpage1 Active Member 3,609 1 May 25, 2006 Atlantic... Log filename is also copied to the clipboard if the "Explore" option is selected. Will now work much better when source has no "B" frames (baseline profile).

This caused dropped frames and speedup of the video in the output file. Fix: Joiner: Timing issue could cause joiner to intermittently hang when subtitles are present. Fix: MPEG2: In rare circumstances a corrupt audio frame could overwrite the stream parameters causing save problems. Previous versions tried to default the output extension to the source file type but this no longer makes sense with all the different source and destination file types being supported.

Version 2-5-6-512, Release date: June 16, 2007 Fix: When source and destination files were dvr-ms, sometimes VideoReDo would hang for 2-20 minutes while windows would copy and re-index the output file. Change: MPEG2 stream: Improve detection of bad audio frames at start of file that look valid but aren't and created silent playback. This software seems to be built to do many other things beside simply converting VOB's to DVR-MS. Fix: H.264: Certain types of frame corruption could trigger abort on output when saving to MP4/MKV.

Hauppauge Media MVP).