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Enhance: QSF filter: Filter dialog now reports number of times a particular dimension was found. Fix: Automatic compression: Could produce silent audio output if normalization is set to 0. - apróhirdetés (#667) elistvan válasza sellerbuyer (#666) üzenetére Új Válasz Privát 2016-08-17 10:05:39 elistvan(senior tag) ffmpeg? Wenn ich mal ne AVI kodier hab ich keine Probleme, auer vielleicht das TMPGEnc die doppelte Lnge des Films angibt, was aber mit vorherigem decompress auszurumen ist. have a peek at this web-site

Advanced Search Register or Login Login to Your Account Remember Me? Dann heisst es entweder mit dem Procoder die 2 Streamchen umwandeln oder mit Edius pro. ber die o.g. Asus Z97 Deluxe , Core i7 4790, Asus ATI Radeon 5870, 32 GB Kingstone DDR3 1600, Samsung SSD, Dell Latitude 6430 (#659) Corvin0716 válasza Core2duo6600 (#658) üzenetére Új Válasz Privát 2016-06-06 The time now is 09:26 PM.

Und da das Programm ja DVDs erstellt kanns doch eigentlich nicht schlechter werden, oder? After that you would then need to feed the resulting .mpg file through one of the many freeware MP4 encoders such as the recommended "megui". The output from VideoReDo is completely lossless, so you will not lose any quality when editing out the commercials. Wenn man es nicht weis, kann man ja nichts dafr.

Fix: Joiner: File seek cache not cleared on second or later files when adding to joiner (Internal). analyze More tools Whois Record Reverse IP Trace IP Whois IP What is my IP Page Rank checker Ping Traceroute Top Up Websites Top Down Websites Whois Record Trace IP compare The time now is 21:26. Forum Retour sur Futura-Sciences Rechercher Forum Futura-Techno : les forums de l'informatique et des technologies Informatique Logiciel - Software - Open Source Problme de dcoupage pub avec videoredo + Rpondre

There is a way to modify the XML profiles built into TiVo Desktop, allowing you to up the resolution and bitrate, but it requires you to open a DLL in Visual Replace with Quick Sync tip.[Fix] GUI: Video display problem if encoding height was not a multiple of 4, and YUV acceleration is disabled.[Fix] GUI: Video output driver: Fixed minor memory leak Version Beta Release Date: Mar 7, 2015 TVSuite V5 - (Released 2015-03-06)============================================[Fix] Beta: H.264 Smartediting could fail if no IDR frames found. try this Alien011.

Fix: French translation: Translation error causing "Tip of the day" to display incorrectly and/or hang. Now always defaults to "enabled" Change: GUI: Tools>Options, set focus at initial dialog display to left pane to allow for quick keyboard navigation to topic. moyekj said: ↑ I've released v0p1f which includes the automated commercial detection and removal and I've updated the config file and documentation appropriately. Az sszerakást szerintem egy virtualdubmod vagy egy nandub is megcsinálja (ezek ingyenesek)csak a video fülön a direct stream copy meg az audio fülön is ugyanezt be kell pipálni (ilyenkor sem a

to DVD), 608/708 captions were improperly formatted. this I'll have to test if Womble has the same problem with that video.Click to expand... Works with MP4, MOV, MKV, etc. Enhance: For Vista / W7 / W8, use new style file dialog boxes.

Fix: MPEG2 pro encoder: Timing problem at end of file could sometimes cause one video and a couple audio frames to be dropped. Check This Out Enhance: PCM Audio: Support for 24 bit PCM in a DVD format. Pustekuchen. It's a very simple process, but only issue is I must manually bring up the Womble GUI to start the procedure - there is no command line way of doing it

Is the Website Legal or Not URLs Requested to be Removed: 0 Urls removed: 0 Percent: 0% Summary: is a legal, because it is not contained in the list of De lehet ez inkább a tulajváltás után történt... [ Szerkesztve ] (#690) elistvan válasza Boond (#689) üzenetére Új Válasz Privát 2016-09-13 13:16:49 elistvan(senior tag) A tulajváltás Coreléknál kb. 5 verzióval ezelőtt ETA: Okay, after I typed the above, it struck me that a lot of problems are happening since the last update to the software. Enhance: COM: Add ability to override user profiles path from COM Enhance: COM: Add COM call to pause output.

Fix: MPEG2 mult-audio: If recoding & source and the last frame type in a segment is "P", it might not be output. The newest build available for it is 616 and is avaiable here... von (S)VCD rauf auf DVD-Mpeg.

Fix H.264: If PTS clock wraps, to a value later than the first clock in the file, output can hang.

Version Beta Release Date: Oct 28, 2014 [Enhancement] GUI: Trial key for new users. Az pl a vegasban szépen meg van írva. (Amit szintén nemrég adott el a Sony az Aciddal és a Sound Forge-el együtt a berlini illetőségű Magixnek.) Mivel a Sonynál volt a i5 2550k, Radeon HD 6950 2 GB, 8 GB 1600 MHz Kingston DD3 (#660) Core2duo6600 válasza Corvin0716 (#659) üzenetére Új Válasz Privát 2016-06-06 18:12:00 Core2duo6600(PH! Take a look at HandBrake instead.

Enhance: Output Profiles: If multiple MPEG1 Layer 2 audio to a TS file, assign each stream a separate stream ID (C0, C1, etc). Fix: MP4 reader: Seeking before the start or after the end of an MP4 (when using FFMPEG reader), could seek to wrong frame. Do you have an idea, where I should look? D'aprs le fichier log, aucun problme avec l'image, le problme venant uniquement de la piste SON enregistre par la TNT. I don't believe it has the transcoding abilities of your program.........Click to expand... Ausgangspunkt: Ein Film, zwei NTSC SVCD's Ziel: erstellen einer einwandfrei laufenden, fehlerfreien DVD Bestehendes Problem: ab dem zweiten Teil des Films beginnt sich der Ton zu verziehen und wird gen Ende I have a newer version available now (v0p1b) with some fixes and support for Linux (and likely other Unix flavors). NPT decimal digits to display: (default is 3).

I applaud your effort! Inkább szerezz be egy videó bemenetes miniDV kamerát és húzd be az anyagot DV-be, majd tömörítsd újra a gépen interlaced H.264-be, semmiképp se deinterlacelj. Mivel a PAL VHS felbontás 320x240 képpont ezért nagyon max a PAL szabványú DVD felbontással venném fel ami 720x576 képpont.boond: Igen, tudsz zoomolni szerintem. [ Szerkesztve ] Minőségi angol humor magyar So, my question is, is there a way for me to convert the .tivo file to m4p without sacrificing any of the quality?

Reduces field on recode.[Fix] H.264: File with 10 second GOPs isn't increasing minimum buffer sizes automatically.[Fix] MPEG: Insert an extra MPEG1 Layer 2 audio frame at start of file during playback A better solution might be to simply convert the file to a standard MPEG first using DirectShow Dump, or VideoReDo if you also want to edit out the commercials, and then moyekj, Mar 20, 2008 moyekj, Mar 20, 2008 #9 Mar 20, 2008 #10 of 10281 dlfl Cranky old novice 6,927 0 Jul 6, 2006 Near...