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Videoredo Error Opening File


DanRAugust 14th, 2006, 07:04 AMIn the latest beta, we now log additional information for those "unknown errors". Thanks for the information. Fix: Output profiles: When manually adjusting volume and codec is MPEG1 L2, and bit rate is 256 Kbps, output would not be recoded. Enhance: MP4/MKV: Pick up the correct default audio and video stream when using the FFmpeg reader.

Fix: MPEG2: In rare circumstances a corrupt audio frame could overwrite the stream parameters causing save problems. Fix: ES Muxer: Disable internal search for audio files with matching names if no audio files were specified in the ES GUI. Fix: Audio adjustments, sync offset and volume, were being reset each time the dialog box displayed rather than being remembered. Forum Video Editing Dvd recorder files using DVD Shrink / VideoReDo / Error opening files + Reply to Thread Results 1 to 3 of 3 Dvd recorder files using DVD Shrink

Videoredo Log File

Enhance: Localization: Added Spanish translations. Change: WTV: Removed Tools>Shift+Options option for using old-style SBEReader. mrgtstr2008-11-12, 02:49 AMThis is a hunch... If disc is in vr mode , copy the files from disc to pc , and use tmpgenc to open and convert them .

I've seen this cause problems in other applications. Fix: MPEG2 mult-audio: If recoding & source and the last frame type in a segment is "P", it might not be output. Fix: QuickStream Fix from batch not honoring output options (gop, aspect ratio, etc) settings. Enhance: Auto repeat has been added to the forward and backward navigation buttons.

To me it seems like its not reading the "%~dpn1" variable for whatever reason. Fix: AAC audio: File with AAC Main profile and SBR showing sampling rate of 24Khz rather than 48KHz. Change: H.264: Internal change in the way the decoder module is loaded. User recorded show + data service.

Fix: If MPEG audio switched between mono and stereo, output would sound "chirppy". Enhance: Multi-audio support: Multi-audio support is now the default for all NEW installations. English Deutsch Francais Español Italiano Nederlands Home IsoBuster Buy Now Download Online Help Support / Contact Product Details Reviews Testimonials Screenshots Buy Now Download News Tips & Tricks Online Help Support Aesthetic change only.

Video Redo

Change: If you switch to frame display, instead of time code display, the setting will be remembered the next time you start VideoReDo. Useful if you have multiple versions of VideoReDo installed on your system since each version can have its own log file. Videoredo Log File Fix: DVD muxer: Muxer could crash if user aborts while creating initial elementary stream (.tmp) files. I must be missing something.

Fix: AC3 Audio at 44.1Khz, some audio frame lengths were incorrectly calculated. Check This Out Unable to open file/project: .VPrj This is a hunch... Enhance: GOP Reduction: Removed "spread GOP reduction evenly" from Shift+Tools>Options as this has been the default for years. Change: For TS files broadcast with ATSC (USA digital broadcasts), the audio will default to the AC3 stream if one is present.

Change: The installation program will check for running copies of VideoReDo Plus and ask you to close them before continuing. Fix: MPEG2 mult-audio: Incorrect reporting of MPEG1 Audio stream errors if DVR-MS files had audio continuation packets. Automatically copy all setup parameters from VideoReDo Plus to VideoReDo TVSuite. Fix: Navigation: Pressing 'back frame' (left arrow) at start of file, would advance one frame.

remux them back into the file so Videoredo can *see. Fix: File save dialog: Add back Alt+Q (queue to batch) accelerator which was accidentally dropped in the new file save dialog. Enhance: Sorting filenames for auto comine (VLST) will now logically sort, i.e.

Unable to open file if fixed frame rate flag.

Enhance: AC3: For all AC3 output stream to sub-stream 0x80 via a setting ont he Tools>Shift+Options page. Sometimes, video captured from DVB Satellite or sourced from DVD VOB or VRO files may have internal time stamps that are not sequential. Enhance: MKV with AAC: Not properly parsing the AAC profile which could cause issues when outputting to MP4 or MKV. Fix: Transport stream opens would fail is there was no program map and some packets did not have a PTS.

Fix: MPEG1 Audio: Mono audio wasn't being converted to stereo and caused double speed playback. Version 4.21.4-671, Release date: October 31, 2013 Critical fix: Correct problem with "Can't open file" affecting a few users. Will now time out after 20 seconds. Fix: COM: When running in silent mode and doing a close during output will leave the output processing in the background.

Fix: AAC: LOAS/LATM could report the wrong channel count while playing and distort the audio. Fix Tivo transport streams: Tivo transport streams could result in buffer overlow and pixelation due to change in Tivo file format. Enhance: Output profiles: LPCM was an option for output types that don't support it such as TS, DVR-MS and WTV.