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Videoredo Error Message

Enhance: ES muxing: Improved detection of H.264 elementary stream checks to improve ES muxing. Fix MPEG2 decoder: Incorrectly encoded MPEG2 file was interpreted by the IPP decoder as MPEG1. Fix: Profile: Force recode wouldn't work if the max bit rate of the force recode profile matched the header bit rate of the source. Enhance: H.264 recoding: Added new advanced encoding options to set: "weighted prediction for P-Frames", "sub pixel motion search depth".

Change: GUI: When running on Windows 7 with Aero, show percentage completion in the Windows taskbar icon. NEW: DVD menus, added additional options for DVD title button highlights, underline, text color, left arrow. Was this recorded off of cable or OTA? Version 4.21.2-662, Release date: May 10, 2013 Enhance: GUI: Added ability to save / restore / clear settings to a .vset file on the Tools>Options>Startup page.

H264 encoding parameters) to the profile grid editor. VideoReDo TVSuite Super Bowl Discussion in 'TiVo Home Media Features & TiVoToGo' started by ivorycassiopeia, Feb 19, 2012. Fix: MPEG2: Improve file opening speed when there are lots of MBytes of corrupt, encrypted or miss frames at EOF. NEW Translation: Added infrastructure and DLLs for Russian translation.

Fix QSF: H.264 Filtering would not work if the requested dimensions started after T>O>Stream, # MB to scan. NEW: Automatic recovery of edits should program or system crash. Change MKV muxing: Aspect ratio flag being set incorrectly. Change: TS Muxing: If CableLabs muxing is enabled, allow the user to set a manual mux rate.

file signature not found." Change: LPCM output to MPEG-2 PS: If orignal audio is 44.1KHz or 32 KHz, and output is LPCM, force recode to 48KHz. Change the following 3 values: "Number of TS packets to read to find a selected PID: 1000000 "Number of TS packets to read when searching for PAT/PMT: 1000000 "Number of bytes Change: Thumbnails: New thumbnail option to limit the maximum number of displayed thumbnails to speed up editing if using large window. Fix: H.264 output: Output could hang or crash if sync problem appeared, but self-corrected a few seconds later.

Change: Languages: Added Czech, and new updates for Finnish. Change: Burning, DVD erase time estimates are accurate by taking into account the current burner speed setting. Change GUI: Completion alerts: Bring main window to front option, now turned off by default (new installs only). Fix: H.264 encoder: When doing full recode a timing problem could cause last video frame and a few audio frames to be dropped.

Videoredo TVSuite/H264($100) can also author DVDs. read this post here Fix: MP4/MKV: FFmpeg muxer header buffer not large enough causing invalid output with certain files. Change Tools>Show Program Info: Added drop down box to "OK" which opens the source file folder in explorer and selects file. Fix: H.264 frame capture: 'Edit->Capture frame' wouldn't always work.

Fix: Authoring, if the authoring process aborted due to bad data, burner would try to burn an empty DVD Fix: Authoring, if user selects a manual folder on Tools>Options>DVD but left Fix: MPEG2: Changed output routines so that resync test is called for each GOP output. If that doesn't work, then please download and install the latest version of VideoReDo. Change: DVD Burner: Add option to launch DVD Burner as admin.

Fix: DVD Authoring: If converting audio from 44.1Khz to 48 KHz, time stamps are off by 0.75 msec / audio frame triggering resyncs. Change Internal code change to reduce memory overhead when resizing H.264 video buffers and audio buffers. Fix: Transport stream files, Incorrect "Video not found" when opening an ATSC stream with video stream type of 0x80. Fix: GOP reduction, remove error message if encoding bit rate exceeds sequence header bit rate.

Fix: WTV: Saving a WTV file from a source WTV file could cause thumbnail on edited file to not display. Enhance: ES Muxing: Elementary stream muxer can now support multiple audio streams. RECENTLY UPDATED = The software has been updated the last 31 days.

Change TS Muxer: Reduce the frequency for null packet insertion to reduce instance of PTS underflow.

Enhance: LATM/LOAS AAC: Output to MP4 with FFmpeg muxer was not converting audio to ADTS resulting in silent audio. Also fixed bug with start time not working. Change: Thumbnails: If displaying a "pseudo frame" don't show I/P/B indicator. Fix: MPEG2 QSF: Buffer overflow when QSFing multi-audio VOB file with multiple PTS resets.

All rights reserved. Fix: H.264: Frame rate being calculated as 59.94 instead of 29.97 when vui_parameters did not have fixed_frame_rate field set. Enhance: QSF filter: Filter dialog now reports number of times a particular dimension was found. have a peek here NEW Elementary stream muxer can now support multiple audio streams.

Change: Output processing: Round off error in frame rate caluclation (23.795 vs 23.976) caused output logic to fail. Fix: WTV: Setting program date and time to edited date/time was not accounting for time zone differences.