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Videoredo Dvd Muxer Initialization Error

And it is not Hybrid's fault. Any ideas on the chapter issue? Enhance: TS Muxing: If CableLabs muxing is enabled, turn on QuadByte alignment. Fix: Batch: VideoReDo could crash at end of batch, causing batch to stall or hang due to desktop alert window.

I have confirmed "Force AR flag to 16:9" is not checked in the author tab. Enhance: Profile: Add X264 as an encoding codec option to the profile XML. Version 4.21.4-671, Release date: October 31, 2013 Critical fix: Correct problem with "Can't open file" affecting a few users. Version 4.20.7-629, Release date: November 11, 2011 Enhance: Batch: Added an option when doing QSF to specify a filter dimensions or "auto" select.

libavformat version 54.46.100 (internal) MPEG-PS file format detected. Enhance: PCM Audio: Support for 24 bit PCM in a DVD format. Can't the pop-up menu be displayed correctly on SD (480, 576) titles ? Change: MP4 reader: Accept files that don't start with "ftyp" atom.

Source is a single 80 minute long 1920x1080i60 MP4 file encoded by x264. Whether it's global, or restricted to certain countries, I don't know, I don't buy Philips. Same reasoning for 30p (or 29.97) and 60i (or 59.94). NEW Version Check:Option on Tools>Option>Startup to allow checking for beta builds in addition to release builds.

mp4 extensions,... to DVD), 608/708 captions were improperly formatted. Was shifting results by 1 bit instead of 3 bits (VRD Pro only). [Fix] H.264: Avermedia frame rate correction not working properly in V5. Change WTV reader: Excessive logging in the wtv reader could substantially slow down source file reading.

Was working in V4. [Fix] Profile: Rotation direction reversed. no offense - I only don't like stupid interfaces :-P btw: the original processing mode was [m] what ever that means... However, I get black thumbnails when creating Blu-rays out of DVD's, in which the video is re-encoded to H.264 (for testing purposes) and I get black thumbnails yet a perfect movie. Could you please load in MKVmerge a TS repaired with Videoredo (without demuxing it) and see if it's detected as VFR or CFR by MediaInfo ?

Creating application,... Make no display the default. The folder has to be named AVCHD and placed at the root of the USB key. @ Deank : you could maybe add "and some Sony players" beside "PS3" in this Fix: ES Muxer: Disable internal search for audio files with matching names if no audio files were specified in the ES GUI.

home dir now equals %appdata%/hybrid folder: C:\Users\Darren\AppData\Roaming base home dir: C:\Users\Darren\AppData\Roaming checkHomeDir, findNewHome: true hybridPath: C:\Users\Darren\AppData\Roaming\hybrid createFontsFolder Custom font folder: C:\Users\Darren\AppData\Roaming\hybrid\fonts Custom font cache folder: C:\Users\Darren\AppData\Roaming\hybrid\fontconfig\cach e checking local.conf file local.conf: degug: Selur12th October 2013, 20:04Okay, I see the cause of the problem: the number of audio channels is not changed. (input is 6.1 dts-hd, Hybrid extracts the dts stream, which Applying "-target ntsc-dvd" does seem to make it so mplayer can read the audio. Selur16th October 2013, 17:30the installer doesn't say that, Hybrid is saying that and it should only say that if there is a license.txt file inside the avisynthPlugins folder which contains my

I'm trying to create a mp4 from a DVD I authored some time ago. Enhance: VRDSplit.vbs: Updated script to handle output profiles so it works with TVS H.264. What happens? this is what i am trying to get around....

p.s. However, it seems related to how the audio stream is marked inside the container ("Dolby AC3" in the original video). will update the numbers tomorrow (haven't changed them for ages ;)) Selur4th October 2013, 08:18Hybrid rev 2013.10.04.1: *fixed* system: could accidentally delete the content of ~/local/share due to a home folder

seems to reveal it having an audio track ok.

raw audio file extensions,... deinstall Hybrid and install it, while disabling Avisynth or b. Change Tivo output: Don't allow TiVo output unless source file is also TiVo file Change WTV output: "Duration" metadata in the output file was being copied from the source rather than i founded multiavchd program to do that and read a lot of thread on a dean forum following detailed info about programs installation and setting (avysinth haali ffdshow) initially every test

Enhance: Program stream muxing: Add multiple audio stream support. Hybrid not takes the time codes of the input an attached them to the output which is frame based, so the time codes don't match and you end up with wrong Is it a bug ? Version 4.21.6-674, Release date: December 12, 2013 Change WTV: Added fix to WTV reader that allows it to get past corrupt data.

Fix: QSF Filter: Number of sample points was not being properly saved in the registry and would always default to 8. raw output extensions,... when i rip a bluray it creates a MKV or a .ts file, this can't be indexed without causing serious issues Not true. Because on the Oppo I can do 14Mbits average with peaks well over 30Mbits during fast paced scenes.

mp4 extensions,... Fix: H.264 encoder: When doing full recode a timing problem could cause last video frame and a few audio frames to be dropped. Fix GUI: Program would crash at file open if running VMR7 or VMR9 video and audio device was disabled. These files can be transferred directly to a Premiere TiVo.

Current MP4Box nigthly versions should be fine. ( you would need the mp4box binary and the supporting libraries) -> will update the Hybrid download -> new Installer and Win32 package is then I clicked on "Start", selected the PAL/50Hz TV/Camcorder setting and let the program do its work... Either way, if you send me a patch that makes MPEG-2 system streams default (for me to try to push through dev later) then I'd say you deserve the bounty (email Then verify with MediaInfo, it should be seen as CFR, as the original TS.

Setting last PTS to: s, last IP frame to: Output graph sets end time: Buffer is completely empty.MPEG2Stream, segment summary, audio stream:2i, count:Post decodingSegment starts on a GOP, no decoding required.Output Am I missing something? Reply With Quote Quick Navigation VideoReDo TVSuite V3 - Beta versions Top Site Areas Settings Private Messages Subscriptions Who's Online Search Forums Forums Home Forums Announcements VideoReDo Announcements VideoReDo "How To" NEW Profile: When cropping from the File>Save>Options, new checkbox allows output dimensions to be calculated automatically.

Fix MP4/MKV: Improper PCM format for MP4/MKV, changed from little endian to big endian. NEW Ability to pause output, both interactively and in batch. Enhance: Tivo: Two new Tivo output profiles: MPEG2 & H.264 Tivo-TS (premiere). Enhance: Batch manager: Add output and output complete report to batch manager.