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Videoredo Compressed Stream Error Audio Ring Buffer Overflow

Should not be noticeable to the user. [Change] NPT display: Added shift+Tools>Options, # 35. Change: H.264: Annex B start code without intervening NAL would prevent file from opening. (Incorrectly formatted stream). Change: H.264: Annex B start code without intervening NAL would prevent file from opening. (Incorrectly formatted stream). Enhance: Close captioning: Change default for captioning #41 DVBSubtitling from false to true for TVS H.264 (new installs only) Enhance: COM: Calling SetFilterDimensions( -1, -1) will trigger automatic filtering with the

Enhance: H.264 stream: Audio frames would be skipped if the MP4 reader could be skipped after seek if they arrived before the video. NEW For Vista / W7 / W8, use new style file dialog boxes. NPT decimal digits to display: (default is 3). Fix: Joiner: Multi-audio MPEG2 in rare circumstance get temporarily out of sync resulting in dropping of valid video frames.

Save logs by date, auto delete older logs files. Disable IDR when SPS found. [Fix] MPEG2: Out of sync if an output segment is exactly one GOP. [Fix] DVD Authoring: If converting audio from 44.1Khz to 48 KHz, time stamps Will now truncate audio.[Fix] GUI: 4K video would crash application if brightness or contrast adjustments are altered via View>Change Display Properties.[Fix] GUI: Text for new controls is being drawn with CP_UTF8 Version 4.21.4-671, Release date: October 31, 2013 Critical fix: Correct problem with "Can't open file" affecting a few users.

Version Beta Release Date: Mar 6, 2015 TVSuite V5 - (Released 2015-03-05)============================================[Enhancement] DVD: Add DVD video option to select the Intel QS encoder.[Enhancement] GUI: On Tools>Edit>Profile page add a Fix: Version check: If local router or ISP returns a page rather than HTTP error, our code might GPF. Version Release Date: Nov 25, 2014 New: TVSuite Version 5, Initial release Version Beta Release Date: Nov 24, 2014 [Enhancement] Transport stream: Copy program number from source stream. Fix WTV: Reading WTV files could crash when a bad audio language packet encountered.

Change: Add program info XML output to COM interface Change: Batch QSF: Make the QSF filter dimensions option in batch persist between runs. Fix: WTV: Saving a WTV file from a source WTV file could cause thumbnail on edited file to not display. Removed "SD", added "Automatic".[Fix] EAC3: Audio decoder could cause a buffer overflow when playing files with EAC3 audio.[Fix] Batch: Automatic sort by date in batch not working[Fix] ES muxing: Dragging an Enhance: DVD Burning: Updated TVSuite V4 formatted icon to use with TVSV4.

These files can be transferred directly to a Premiere TiVo. Enhance: DVD Project: Cannot specify a UNC path for VIDEO_TS folder. (Worked in build 564). Remove PCM stream, still says recode.[Fix] ES Muxing: Improve ES muxing when output is TS and mux rate is automatic.[Fix] Elementary stream output: Audio file names could have wrong extension when Removed "SD", added "Automatic". [Fix] EAC3: Audio decoder could cause a buffer overflow when playing files with EAC3 audio. [Fix] Batch: Automatic sort by date in batch not working [Fix] ES

QSF wouldn't fix. Fix: Batch QSF: Output options not reset on second file load from batch. Enhance: MP4/MKV: Support for reading and creation of chapters Behavior same as DVD, see T>O>Chapters. #63 FFmpeg must be true. Fix: MP4/MKV: FFmpeg muxer header buffer not large enough causing invalid output with certain files.

Fix: MPEG2 thumbnails: Internal logic change to handle display problem when jumping from last frame to first frame with MP4/MPEG2. Version Release date: 2014-11-13 New: TVSuite Version 5, Initial release TVSuite V5 - (Released 2014-11-23) ============================================ [Enhancement] Transport stream: Copy program number from source stream. Fix: AAC audio: File with AAC Main profile and SBR showing sampling rate of 24Khz rather than 48KHz. Fix: Internal change: Profile managment code updated to improve speed of file save dialog.

NEW PCM Audio: Support for 24 bit PCM in a DVD format. TVSuite V5 - (Released 2014-11-13) ============================================ [Enhancement] MPEG2: QSF with filtering will now also filter on frame rates as well as frame dimensions. [Change] GUI: If opening a file with Creating an MKV file will error with FFmpegsupport.dll not found. Search tool: ( Leave empty to search for all tools ) Search options: Installation/Portable AllPortable only Select section (All) All In One Blu-ray ConvertersAll In One DVD ConvertersAll In One MKV

Fix: Close captioning: With some files & closed captioning on, Ad-Detective is slow due to excessive "Caption buffer full" in log. If 0, use default of 3.75 Mbps. Version Beta Release Date: Dec 13, 2014 [Enhancement] GUI: TVSuite, Batch and install wizard should now appear in correct perspective regardless of monitor DPI setting.[Enhancement] H.264: Added new H.264 advanced

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Enhance: Translation: Added infrastructure and DLLs for Russian translation. Reply With Quote December 14th, 2013,10:31 AM #2 phd View Profile View Forum Posts View Blog Entries View Articles Senior Member Join Date Feb 2004 Location New York Posts 8,333 Blog Fix: DVD, open title: Would not always select the correct AC3 stream. Topfield PVRs drop PCR PIDs. [Fix] ES Muxing: Crash / yellow triangle (TOD) when muxing H.264 and audio duration is longer than video.

Enhance: Profiles: New dialog to be able to completely modify all options in a profile. (Shift+Edit, in profile editor). Cuts off image if image width is > 2048 pixels. [Fix] GUI: If preferred audio set to MPEG1 Layer 2 and file only has AC3 it won't find the audio. [Fix] Fix: MPEG2 thumbnails: Switching to preview while positioned in final cut section shows cut frames in TN window. Change: Video display: Setting View>Brightness and contrast to maximum will switch display window to monochrome.

Fix: Thumbnail display: Display alternate colors for AAC stereo vs 5.1. Enhance: Thumbnails: Show greater detail on audio graph and add tick marks to show the start of each audio frame (configurable) Enhance: AAC - WTV: Initial 1-3 audio frames dropped if TVSuite V5 - (Released 2014-09-30) ============================================== [Enhancement] Output profiles: Encoder type expanded to Default, QS, or Software. Fix: French translation: Translation error causing "Tip of the day" to display incorrectly and/or hang.

Currently OP1A only. [Change] Chapter markers: On Tools>Options>Chapters page, default "enabled": Scene markers and cut points. (new installs) [Change] H.264 navigation: Improved navigation / seek speed for files with very long Remove, only do so if recoding to 720x512.[Fix] Output: Output could rarely include an extra frame in cut mode due to round off error when converting cuts to scenes.TVSuite V5 - Change Resizing: Turn on anti-aliasing when reducing image size to reduce shimmering. Convert to DVR-MS, WTV.

Enhance: Profiles: Add LKFS settings to XML Profile property page. Recoding to .ts first, or doing smart edit is OK.[Fix] Output: Source frame of 24 fps, being incorrectly converted to 23.97 and also triggering a problem in the frame rate converter. Would not persist at a level other than 0.0 db. Fix H.264: Saving to a transport file didn't close the file properly until the TVSuite application was closed.

Enhance: Output processing: Release display frame buffers during save to reduce memory. ( Disable using shift+Tools>Options #73 to 0 ). Edit 2nd stream, shows codec as automatic instead of AAC [Fix] GUI: In V5, "Remove selected Scenes/Cuts" not enabled. [Fix] GUI: In V5, the thumbnail window doesn't always display properly when Enhance: MKV output: Automatically recode AAC-HE audio to ADTS AAC-LC audio if output file type is MKV. Fix: H.264 / MPEG2: Internal seek cache could become corrupt if the source file didn't start on an I-Frame, perhaps slowing seeking.

Fix: WTV: Setting program date and time to edited date/time was not accounting for time zone differences. Fix: DVD output: Limit DVD chapters to 99 to comply with DVD standard. Allow UHD 4096 output. Fix: H.264/MP4 smart edit: Corrupted output if doing H264/MP4 output and source file had "weighted P-frame prediction" enabled in PPS Fix: H.264: Corrupt video with an NAL of type 31 (not

Fix WTV: Reading WTV files could crash when a bad audio language packet encountered.