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Sign in to comment Contact GitHub API Training Shop Blog About © 2016 GitHub, Inc. Video.js does not currently // use the full Closure Library as a base, however Closure Compiler // automatically replaces certain Closure Library methods with more // optimized versions of the code Do not apply in conjunction with the ratio option. So here is what is happening.

if (!(key == 'returnValue' && old.preventDefault)) { event[key] = old[key]; } } } // The event occurred on this element if (! { = event.srcElement || document; } // Handle RTMP delivery allows seeking to unbuffered positions if the browser does not support HTML5 video.* Available as standard encoding in Flowplayer Drive. *For WebM to be chosen it should be listed F.prototype = obj; //create a new constructor function based off of the 'F' function. Shorthand for the url option in the rtmp configuration object.

Refer to source options for parameters and detailed descriptions. In this case, this function will return false and // most array functions will still work because the array is still // array-like (supports length and []) even though it has Again the server documentation is your friend.

tooltiptrueWhether the "Hit ? If a source can be played by more than one engine Flowplayer will try the html5 engine first. fragmentloadmaxretry4Maximum number of fragment load retries after I/O error. Note that all calls * to goog.require will be stripped by the JSCompiler when the * --closure_pass option is used. * @see goog.provide * @param {string} name Namespace to include (as

We recommend to use the JavaScript installation method for complex setups. posterURL or path to poster image. debug2falseIf true Flash HLS verbose debug messages are shown in the JavaScript console. vjs.getData(elem) : {}; var parent = elem.parentNode || elem.ownerDocument; // type = event.type || event, // handler; // If an event name was passed as a string, creates an event out

it is working using file protocol (locally). html5video generiert folgendes, was im IE9 bei mir leider nicht funktioniert: Wenn ich es so angepasse, dann klappt es ohne Probleme:

Recommended format offerings The following format combinations ensure best cross browser and cross device compatibility with Flowplayer. Calling typeof directly returns 'unknown' // so that will work. Reply morocco desert tours says: March 1, 2016 at 7:07 am Very nice post. var isDeps = /\bdeps.js$/.test(src); if (isDeps) { return false; } else { throw Error('Cannot write "' + src + '" after document load'); } } doc.write( '